Voyage LA: Meet Michelle LeClerc

July 03, 2018

"You spend most of your life working, why not do something you love?" 


Today we’d like to introduce you to Michelle LeClerc.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Michelle. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I had always been an artist but was told it was more of a hobby than an actual career.

After high school, I pivoted my college focus into teaching and child development. While attending a college orientation for my major at CSUN, however, I was overwhelmed by how uninterested I was in what I was about to learn over the next few years. I looked around and thought, do I really want to do this? So I got up and left. I just wandered around the campus.
When I got to the art department and saw all the projects on display I was immediately jealous. They get to create all day, every day. I’m in for years of multiple choice quizzes and writing cramps. I realized I was the only one stopping myself from doing art. You spend most of your life working, why not do something you love? My major was changed to graphic design the following day.

Fastco.Design: How Designers Can Help The Black Lives Matter Movement

July 14, 2016

"At the heart of storytelling is giving people access to the story, and designers can do that," -DeRay McKesson

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28, Los Angeles-based designer Michelle LeClerc got a call from DeRay Mckesson, an activist and one of the most visible faces of the Black Lives Matter movement. LeClerc had worked as a designer for Mckesson's campaign for Baltimore mayor earlier this year, and now he needed her help with Campaign Zero, a platform for ending police violence that Mckesson founded with three others. They were publishing a report that reviewed police union contracts in 81 American cities and needed LeClerc to design a PDF of it to put online. And they needed it done that night.

AIGA LA: web-designer {interview: series} Michelle LeClerc

February 13, 2015

“Rules are fantastic because once you break them, you get to make up new ones.”

Michelle LeClerc is a freelance Creative Director and Graphic Designer residing in Los Angeles. She’s worked with top studios and agencies including Beutler Ink, Heavenspot, The Compound, and been an integral team member on projects for American Express, Mindjet, Google and Nike.

Visual Storytelling: Infographic Design in News

January 19, 2016

How do data journalism designers overcome information overload in today's fast-paced environment, and find simple and compelling methods to filter and convey news content? One of the most effective ways is to use dynamic infographics and data visualisations. The use of powerful graphics and illustrations will capture the viewer's attention and interest, and by burying boring data creatively, strong graphics will provide a clever and compelling visual story that's driven by accessible and clear communication. This book introduces the developmental history and characteristics of data journalism, describing its classification and the features of journalism published by world-renowned media. 

Typofonderie: A wallpaper calendar June 2014 featuring Anisette

June 01, 2014

Throughout this 2014 year, designers have created for you specific wallpaper calendars, free to download and set in Typofonderie typefaces. Each month, it’s also a great opportunity to ask few questions our monthly guest designer. For the month of June 2014, it’s Michelle LeClerc who has chosen the Anisette, designed by Jean François Porchez. She answers to our questions.

Process Magazine: Featured Creative Director

September 01, 2011

Coffee, art & music feed the soul of this innovative Creative Director

Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their  All-Time Favorite Projects

January 01, 2012

Brimming with inspiration, Damn Good highlights the favorite work of designers around the globe, showcasing their best and most passionate projects.

This unique and diverse collection challenges the status quo and typical industry boundaries, and also contains the stories behind the work—in the words of the creative teams who designed them.Damn Good features a bold range of design work, spanning 35 countries and multiple disciplines, including print, identity, packaging, interactive, and more.

FPO: Isaac Spiewak & Sons Book

January 01, 2010

Since 1904: House of the Golden Fleece is a book that spans the history of the Isaac Spiewak & Sons company, a promotional piece that would teach, stimulate, and promote the brand within its own group. With the wealth of materials available in the company archives, it began to be conceived more as an art exhibition than a brand piece.

Jolie Jolie: Beautiful Save the Dates from Michelle LeClerc Design

January 01, 2010

Love the diecut and typography on this save the date from LA designer Michelle LeClerc

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