The Gavel Gap

Creative Direction: Michelle LeClerc
Design: Robyn Baker, James O'Mara & Michelle LeClerc

Agency: Chi/Donahoe + Cole/Duffey
Animation: Gaucho Pictures

Company: Chi/Donahoe + Cole/Duffey

Client: American Constitution Society for Law & Policy

Researchers working with the ACS gathered information on the demographics of state count judges in all 50 states. What they found were huge disparities in the make-up of race and gender of the courts and the communities that they represent. This is called The Gavel Gap, and it's a big deal. 

Chi/Donahoe reached out to Michelle LeClerc to visualize this campaign. Before we knew it, we had designed a large body of work: 3 infographics, 1 logo, 17 illustrated frames, and a 28-page report.  

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The Result:

This video currently has over 47K views on Facebook, and has been featured on sites such as Jezebel and Buzzfeed