I. Spiewak & Sons Website Redesign

Creative Direction: Chad Sawyer & Scott Lunceford
Graphic Design: Michelle LeClerc
Creative Agency: The Compound Advertising & Design
Client: I. Spiewak & Sons

Spiewak was founded 105 years ago by the Spiewak family. They moved from making simple, handmade sheepskin vests to producing some of the most brilliant coats and jackets of our generation. The fun doesn't stop there, however. Spiewak's uniform line boasts clients such as the NYPD as well as the Postal Service. For the site we chose a clean, timeless aesthetic. As the company moves through generations, we can see that quality, craftsmanship and simplicity are constant qualities the fashion brand has. Should the viewer wish to study the company further, we offer a custom interactive timeline. The timeline features a family tree with a skewed vintage New York City shaded beneath. It boasts clickable icons, which walk the viewer through the fascinating history of this company.