Brand Refresh

Creative Direction: Michelle LeClerc
Design: Robyn Baker, James O'Mara & Michelle LeClerc

Agency: Michelle LeClerc Design

Client: Heal the Bay

Heal the Bay approached Michelle LeClerc to help them update their branding materials and re-envision their logo. After an audit of their current materials, we went to work expanding their brand reach and creating assets that would visually unify the company. 

We started with the original logo, and pondered the significance of the box around the fish. What is it’s purpose, and how can we make it more apparent? Our solution is to transform the box into an ocean, the very environment that we strive to protect. A few challenges that we have addressed in the new logo are: 

• The fragility of the fishbones.
When viewed at a smaller size, we want them to continue to stand out. Our solution was to make them thicker, remaining true the regonzabile original design


 • A more readble font.
We’ve chosen a thicker, modern typeface for “Heal the Bay”. It’s easier to read on a smaller scale and the thickness allows the type to share the prominence of the illustration.

The result?

• 2 brand new logos

• 10 custom program logos

• 30-page brand guide

• Expanded Color Palette

• 6 Custom patterns

• New fonts and Guidelines

• Custom Iconography

• Sample Collateral, including business cards, bookmarks and fact-sheets

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