Campaign Zero: Use of Force 

Creative Direction: Michelle LeClerc
Graphic Design: Michelle LeClerc, Mary Smudde and Arielle Wiltz
Client: Campaign Zero


Campaign Zero is a highly data-based reform campaign that seeks to reduce police misconduct through policy proposals. 


LeClerc was approached to design Campaign Zero's latest report, but we didn't stop there. The Black Lives Matter Movement is unique to other civil rights movements in that the majority of it's information is spread through social media. We proposed a social campaign that would visualize key information in the report so followers could view the data in an optimized social format. 

Working with Campaign Zero's team, our crew of designers created visualizations showing how specific policies that are currently in practice at some police departments in the US have made their citizens safer, and the data shows that if we adopt these nation-wide, police and citizens will see a drop in assaults and deaths.

See the whole report here: 

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Featured on Buzzfeed and Techcrunch