Coachella Website 2014

Creative Direction: Chevon Hicks, Eric Lamb
Art Direction: Eric Lamb
Information Architecture: Julia Bartine

Graphic Design: Michelle LeClerc

Client: Goldenvoice

Heavenspot once again sprang into action to create the Coachella 2014 website. With innovative development techniques and smart shortcuts, fans were able to easily post to a variety of social media, enhancing Coachella's online presence and allowing viewers all over the world to share the experience of the concert-goers. 

I was lucky enough to collaborate with Heavenspot on a design variation. This version featured animated elements that activated as the user scrolled through the responsive website. Artists descended on trapezes, and a giant snail moved sluggishly across the user's screen. Though it was not the final design, I couldn't be more pleased with the result. 

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